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How to get links naturally

People go to the web to get quick information or to research a product or solution. Many are not looking to buy a product at all. So it is important to design your web site as a place to not only find information but provide a good solution as well.

When you provide free information you are not only attracting customers but you are also giving the search engines exactly what they are looking for and that is lots of quality content! At the same time you are building trust with your audience and in turn getting people to link to your pages.

Also every time you write an article make a point to submit it to the major news feeder sites like dig, and nowpublic. This is a great way to get announce your news and receive links to your new content.

Tags and internal link building

Creating web pages is easy with a content manager such as WordPress. Pages automatically post and get categorized with related content.

But sometimes you may need even more control over how your post are organized besides just using Categories for every post. This is where using Tags come into play. Continue reading

External links boost rankings

If done properly, providing a handful of external links to other sites may work to your advantage. Providing links relevant to what your visitors may be searching or reading about will not only point them in the right direction but may flag to Google that your site is a great web resource.

After all if you want to provide clear, concise and accurate content for your visitors, you will need a good way to back up your sites information. What a better way than provide external links to other sites that will in turn support your content. It has been found that even linking to your competitors page will often result in your site jumping over theirs in the rankings.

Found a link manager that works!

After testing out a half a dozen different link managers I have voted Link Automate #1 for features and price.

This feature rich link manager will automate your Link campaign 24/7 without you even being at your computer.

What’s is a link manager?

As you may know link building will boost your popularity with the Search Engines and in turn will give your pages higher ranking. Also if you find good link partners, these back links will bring you lots of traffic.

A link manager such as Link Automate will both automate and manage both the incoming and outgoing links on your resources page.

The problem with link building is that it is very tedious and time consuming. Good link managers such as Link Automate will take care of everything for you. This script automates the all the emailing and verifies the linking between you and your link partner. I also checks to make sure your partners use the anchor text you specify (this feature can be turned on or off and is automatic).

Email management makes Link Exchange effortless

Its also a link manager that will send email notifications for every step in the link exchange process. It will notify your prospective partners about a link exchange request. It also sends approval and rejections to your partners then ask webmasters to link to you again if they take your site off their link pages.

Best of all the email content can be easily customized by editing templates with Notepad.

With this link manager you can customize the look of your Link Pages. All the templates and pages html and Google Friendly. With an Html editor you can easily make the link page blend with the theme of your site.

Automatic link building or manual … you choose

Link Automate not only automates your link building but provides you with the easiest way to manage and track your links.

The link manager will also operate in a manual mode as well. By this I mean you can ask for a link after visiting a site you like or manually approve links as they come in. (there is submit url button on your resource page.) When someone submits a site on your resource page, the link manager can also check whether at that point they are linking to you if you choose to.

Link Automate also deep spiders websites to check for valid links!

The real beauty of this link manager I think is that it verifies that your links are present in all websites listed on your links pages. You determine the schedule of link checking and then it spiders your link partners site at the appropriate time.

If a web site no longer links to your site, Link Automate will temporarily take the site off your resource page. It then will email the webmaster to remind him/her to repair the reciprocal link.

Of course if they fail to do so you can easily remove as your partner. This will prevent Page Rank leaking from your site and your resource page.

You’ll quickly notice that as you build lots of quality links, you traffic will begin to soar. As a added bonus Link Automate also will submit your site FREE to their advertising network. I have noticed that the directories they maintain have a high Page Rank even levels deep in their categories.

Control the anchor text and how people describes your site

Link relevancy is also essential to ranking well. The link text (called anchor text) is used to describe your website but also can boost ranking if worded properly. If your website is about Corvette Parts for example, then other sites need to describe your site as “used Corvette parts”. You cannot get high search engine ranking in with anchor text such as “Mikes Vet Shop”. Link Automate can check to make sure your partner links you this way. It also makes sure your product or service will not being affected by wrong or misleading description. Both of these features are optional (can be turned on or off) and are automatic.

Organize and Optimize Your Link Pages

Link Automate can build and manage a fully categorized and searchable link directory page. This makes it easy for your visits to browse your resources easier. With an organized link page they are likely to revisit your site later.

You can even decide the file name of your link pages or simply generate link pages based on the category name you defined. For example, if you category name is car-dealers then your link pages will be called car-dealers.htm. Build Search Engine Friendly Link Pages using your keywords too.

The software generates static HTML pages so that search engines can read them. Other webmasters are more likely to link with you because your link pages can be found on search engines. Unlike our competitors, Automate Link Exchange does not query search engine automatically and then send out SPAM emails to seek links. This avoid your website being punished by search engines and your web hosting companies.

Even imports existing link pages

If you already have some link pages or currently use other link managers Automate Link Exchange can import old link pages into the database.

Easy Backup and Restore – Just Click a Button

You can backup your whole link directory any time you like and then restore the content if the database is corrupted.

Easy installation and Operation

Installing the software is extremely easy. It took me about 20 minutes. You can ask me if you need help. But a complete installation guide and user guide, as well as excellent support will assist you as well.

Runs on Unix/Linux web hosting service or Windows, MYLES database and PHP required. They will submit you to Add to Ecommerce, Internet Marketing Directory and Abig Search Engine for FREE, and give you a great push start on your way to a successful link campaign.

Automate your Links today.

About Link popularity

How your page ranks extends far beyond page content. Link popularity is based on quality inbound and outbound links found on both your site and the web. Each links acts as a tally. It tells a Search Engine to place votes for your site. The more inbound links (or links pointing to you) the better! Google Pagerank is all about popularity and how sites link your importance. Continue reading

Internal Linking Tool

Seo Tool Link

DigMyLink is a brand new Internal Linking Tool / Reporting Tool that I have designed in my spare time over the past year or so. I wrote it as a way to quickly over view any site to see ways to improve web site search engine rankings.

DigMyLink analyzes how you link to your internal pages. It is a Firefox Plugin and installs very easily. Simply download to your computer and drag it into the Firefox window. Continue reading