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WordPress is a SEO’s best friend

wordpress seo logoWordPress has literally changed the way people create and manage websites. Without a decent CMS Blogging Platform like WordPress you will for sure be lost in the internet maze.

WordPress allows bloggers and webmasters to quickly optimize your content with little knowledge about the HTML or code on the page. So it’s a perfect platform for even a beginner.

It allows you to do everything from maintaining a single blog with a single user to an running an entire blogs community with multiple users. Continue reading

WordPress – Simple Static URL’s

staticHere’s a quick tip which is very easy to implement. By default WordPress creates dynamic urls.They will look something like this:

It is a good idea to change this before you start building content. Its a very easy to do as well. After logging into WordPress as the administrator look under Setting and click on Permalinks. Choose Custom Structure and enter the following code: /%postname%.htm.

Now when you create a new entry and save a draft of it. You will now see the permalink listing directly under the page title. Choose Edit and change the url if needed.

Finally use keywords like my-keyword.htm to reinforce what the page is about.

Free WordPress Hosting w. SEO Service

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WordPress CMS – The SEO’s Choice

What makes a good Content Management System or CMS? Many things that come to mind – but a CMS that can easily optimize content and one that can be quickly customized to fit your site design, are two at the top of my list.

That’s why I have chosen WordPress as my CMS .. but not just for these reasons alone. Below are some other highlights of WordPress and why I recommend it for not only blogs but entire websites! Continue reading

Div Expand Equally in Design

The Div tag simply defined is a division within a web page. It is a block of content that can be easily stacked upon top of the other or side by side.

For example, when you have a columnar web page layout, the div’s can be used to divide the page into two or more columns. Continue reading

We’ll setup WordPress for free!

Blogs (also called weblogs) are easily updateable web sites and pages that anybody (not just web wizards!) can update with a web browser. They are quickly becoming the way to share information, voice opinions or post fresh content relating to you organization.

Blogs display their content usually in a conversational format that is easy and quick to read. They tend to provide content with little formality.

Blogs provide a great way to create content on a daily basis! Fresh content is becoming more and more important to improving your rankings, Search Engines like Google need creative and unique pages to be indexed and eventually visited by people looking new information on latest news, innovative solutions or product info.

Our preferred blogging solution is WordPress. For a limited time we can set up a WordPress blog for FREE when you sign up for 3 months of hosting. In addition we can install a theme for you as well.

Every week we will send you free tips you how to optimize blog. You will also learn how make use your blog and RSS feeds to launch your site into the top pages of Google.

Fire your Webmaster and Hire A Blog

Replacing your web site with a blog is a great solution for anyone who wants to build quality content effectively. I been sucessfuly launching entire websites with weblog software for a couple of years now using WordPress exculsivly and have no regrets doing so.

In the beginning I spent a little over 3 months tinkering with the idea and testing. Before I knew it I was on my way to converting my existing websites into a weblog completly powered by WordPress.

So what’s a Blog anyways?

Blogs are sort of like “living websites” which are created and activly maintained with weblog software. A blog is typically filled with daily, weekly or monthly entries. In some cases blogs can be interactive with the visitors who read them. This is done with a user comment dialog immediatelty following a article orshort blurb about something.

A blog can look like any other website and can easily be customized using templates and stylesheets (CSS). is a good example of a Movable Type blog written for an entire site. Each blog author maintains his own subject or speciality about a given topic.

Here are some of the other top blogging sites to check out:

Movable Type (originally RankbyDesign was built using MT)

WordPress is Database-driven but dont let this scare you … as all runs trasparently in the background.. WordPress acts as a web-based interface between you and your database which includes all of the pages from your website, your links and your images as well.

When you write a new article, it is added to the database and posted to your website. Changes can happen automatically (using Php) and there is no need to rebuild or update your site.

More to come …

The invention of Movable Type

Today I stumbled accross the history of the printing press and the invention of Movable Type (no not the Movable Type we know today and the software Im using theis very moment while writing this article).

Movable Type then was the key factor in getting the Bible distributed in Europe in the late 1400’s. It was this Movable Type invention was enabled characters to be hand set and spaced equal in height. What all charachters were set then it was ready to be printed on handmade paper.

A german printer named Johann Gutenberg was one of inventors of Movable Type, a method of printing from metal molds and alloys and oil-based inks that remained the way people printed until the late 20th cent.

The invention of the Gutenberg press is also known as the Gutenberg Bible or the Mazarin Bible and in more recent times as the 42-line Bible (for the number of lines printed in each column)

Similar Movable Type printing had been done earlier in China and Korea. In China printing from movable type woodblocks were invented by Pi Sheng in 1040. There is also evidence that during this time movable type was made of clay and copper (in Korea) as early as 1392.

It is argued that the typesets used during the time of Gutenberg may been sand cast (and were not metal molds) and that the Movable Type process may have evolved over time. (sorry about that Johann)