Content around the linkIf you were to pick two important SEO factors that will make your site get noticed by Google they would be:

  1. Internal links (on page SEO)
  2. Titles (also (on page SEO)

It is super important when creating a page to keep both your theme and keywords in focus while constructing it.

How to write content around Titles and Links?

When you are writing content try to vary the content around your links and titles in order to reinforce your optimization (but not over-optimize). For example often a Title with only the keywords themselves are less effective than the Title with a slight variation.

For example a page about SEO Optimization might use this title:

<Title>SEO Optimization – a great way to get traffic</Title>

but consider experimenting using this alternative:

<Title>SEO Factors | Proper Optimization Strategies</Title>

Note how we have not only split the keyword phrase but w’;ve added some supporting keywords and useful info as well. With on page links its just like your titles but at a much larger scale. Place the primary focus on the page with a handful of themed keywords which in turn backup the primary keyword you wish to rank for.

Confused or need a some help with this? A great way to construct your titles page is to first look at what your competitors are doing.