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A collection of Free SEO Tools that I have either written or found. This is an on going list of the SEO Tools that I am currently using.

Screen cast on Seo Tool for Firefox

Just posted a short screen cast about my free SEO linking tool for Firefox called DigMyLink. This plug-in reports the URL, Title, Description and Content of any link as you hover over it. Is also reports the Title and Description tags of any page you happen to be on. Digmylink reads into the pages info without actually browsing to the resulting page.

Check your rankings!

improve-rankings1On a budget and need a good way to check how well your site ranks? Thanks goodness – there’s a great free tool by Aaron Wall (author of SEOBook) to check search engine rankings. I found it to be very useful and it us definitely worth checking out. It is a Firefox plug-in and installs very easily. You can add a long keyword list to it as well. Have a look at this free SEO tool.

Free Keyword Tool

You might be familiar with the Google Suggest as a free keyword research tool that is both quick and effective.

Wordtracker, KeywordDiscovery also offer free trials of their keyword tools although you might be frusterated having to signup for free trials ect. Continue reading