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Free WordPress Hosting w. SEO Service

Free web start up and live SEO support

Are you looking for a great looking yet functional website, but your pocketbook just simply won’t allow it?

Great news, for a limited time I am now offering an affordable SEO solution called the WordPress Pack, that will allow you to not only manage your website, but have direct access to all the SEO tools you’ll need to bring quality traffic to your site as well. Continue reading

About me

My name is Erik Zetterberg, the owner of Rankbydesign. My office is located in Bend-Oregon (Central Oregon). My Bend SEO Business has been in operation since early 1992.

I primarily focus on Google and Yahoo in order to rank well and create good traffic without using Pay Per Click advertising. Continue reading

WordPress CMS

WordPress provides a great way to create and manage an entire website’s. Although WordPress is typically used as a blogging tool, it can be easily customized to manage your pages, links, content and more.

WordPress also has many plugins available as well and all are very easy to install. Many of them help improve your search engine ranking. In addition you can customize templates to create the look and feel for your website.

Please let me know if you need help setting up a website using the WordPress publisher. My SEO consulting rates are very affordable. I can teach you to quickly manage, create and optimize your pages very quicky.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that WordPress is also FREE! If your looking for a home for your WordPress site, I can setup and host your site for under $10 a month!

To find out more about how WordPress works, please visit WordPress – in fact Rankbydesign was created in WordPress using the techniques discussed on RankbyDesign.

Is your web site ranking?

Learn how to improve your search engine ranking


Rank By Design is – a website that dedicated to improving your search engine rankings and teaching you how create web content easily. Creating high quality content on a regular basis is one of the keys to improving your sites rankings. Continue reading

I’m a Search Engine and WordPress consultant in Bend Oregon.

Although I am a search engine consultant in Bend, Oregon I work remotely for almost all of my clients. Here is a brief rundown of my search engine consultant services available to you today:

SEO Phone Consultations

Looking for some basic tips on how to improve your sites rankings or need your site reviewed to see what improvements can be made? We can setup a free 10 minute phone consultation to go over important items to be done to improve your traffic. For additional phone minutes, see my rates below for more.

SEO Reporting

My search engine consultant services can also provide you with hand written (not automated) reports by first looking at your site then doing some keyword analysis to see how things can be improved. I will also make comments about how your titles, content & links can be optimized as well.

Secure Hosting

If you looking for a host for WordPress you have come to the right place! I maintain a small group of sites using WordPress. The good news is if you sign up for 3 months I will not only install WP for you but I will also active one of you favorite themes at any time during this trial period. In addition I will also provide a 1/2 hour of initial phone support for whatever WP questions you may have ans unlimited email support as well. For SEO consulting, please see my rates below.

WordPress Activation

Need to get a website created in WordPress? I offer both installation services and web site hosting as well. In addition I can offer training and support if needed. In addition I can install some powerful SEO plugins and suggest ways to make to improve your search rankings.

Web Site Design

Need to create a new WordPress theme or modify an existing one? I also can setup a ECommerce storefront if needed. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

Payment & Rates

I bill by the hour whether on the phone or on my computer. I am very affordable, my hourly rate is $40. For small jobs and phone calls I bill in 30 min increments. This rate is subject to change but I will never modify it once a job has been started.


First initial 15 minutes free for first time callers then:
0-35 min $29
36-60 min $49

Website hosting rates: $29 for 3 months – payment is made to PayPal by Subscription (see side bar). Site is generated within 24 hours.


For phone calls please make payment to after 15 min consultation for the time needed. I have a PayPal link in my side bar for your convenience.

For larger jobs over an hour I require a 30% retainer to begin work. Then an additional 30% is payable when job is at 75% and lastly the rest is due upon completion.

WordPress Themes & Templates

After finding WordPress hosting and installing WordPress you will want to find the right theme for your site.

Fortunately there are tons of WordPress themes available! Theme Forest is one of my favorites that I recommend to get you started. They offer some really nice templates starting at just $10!

Look out for ones that are free. be careful though, some may contain embedded links in them to some sites that will only prevent you from ranking.

When you finally find your them and get stuck or need help installing it, I offer an affordable service to get you started. In addition I can customize existing themes to suite your needs. Feel free to visit my SEO Consulting Page for pricing and more information.