jobsWith the news of Steve Jobs passing I thought I would comment one a couple of things that have troubled me about Apple and Steve Jobs.

There’s no doubt that Steve Jobs importance in the computer world is like no other.

One thing he was really good at was coming up with new innovation that Apple’s competitors didn’t even seem to care about.

I switched to Apple a while back and since I have never regretted it. So I am grateful for his innovations and insight. But I also have mixed feelings. With all the power Steve Jobs had within Apple, maybe he could have impacted the way we create products here in America.

30 years ago Steve Wozniak and Jobs built their first Apple 1. Boy have things evolved since them.

Many agree, without Steve Jobs the computers just wouldn’t be what they are today.

I must admit though I do have some gripes about Apple. The biggest one is all their computers are made in China.

And the other is, the people making these machines are in horrible working conditions. There are even some reports of students being forced to work at Foxcon, a large plant responsible for making many Apple computers.

What if Steve Jobs would have insisted from the beginning that all Apple products be  manufactured and built right here in the US of A?  I really wonder how different things would be in this economically troubled world.