how to create a squeeze page

Whats the easiest way to convert more customers? Create a Sales Squeeze Page, sometimes called a Sales Funnel or simply a Landing Page.

What makes a good Landing Page?

A clean, page with one maybe two links that allow the visitor to find out more about a product or service. These links may go to a page to purchase or signup for a newsletter for example.

How to I create a Sales Squeeze Page?

Start by using a predefined template in your site. You’ll want to remove top navigation, sidebars and footers if they contain any links. The goal here is to create a simple easy to read page.Using a nice clear easy to read font also helps. The content is very important as well. This pages sole purpose is to drive the visitor to click or take action.

Save your template and experiment with different conversion techniques. Congratulations. You now have a custom sales squeeze and landing page for your site.

Oh by the way that’s Gil Goldstein in the picture above. Awesome accordion player.