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Rank By Design is – a website that dedicated to _improving your search engine rankings_ and teaching you how create web content easily. Creating high quality content on a regular basis is *one of the keys to improving your sites rankings*.

Recent and ongoing algorithm updates have only reinforced the importance of well though out content for websites. “read more”:http://www.rankbydesign.com/oregon.htm

Search engines and me

We’re located in “Bend-Oregon”:http://www.rankbydesign.com/bend-map.htm(Central Oregon) – a tiny office who has for 10 years used simple tools along with a few basic strategies to rank well in Google. Web Marketing and Search Engines are our expertise.

*Current and ongoing projects* and “website examples”:http://www.rankbydesign.com/website-list.htm. This list provides you with a very small sample of search engine rankings on sites that we are currently work on.

*About RankbyDesign* and what this website project is all about. “Read more about our Bend Oregon Consulting Firm”:http://www.rankbydesign.com/oregon.htm

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_Note: At Ranbydesign we primarily focuses on both Google organic results using white hat methods. We’ll help you improve your sites rankings and increase your traffic (but we’re not be sneaky about it!) If the visitor is intrigued by your content the Search Engines and Back Links will automatically follow._