Is your web site ranking?

Learn how to improve your search engine ranking


Rank By Design is – a website that dedicated to improving your search engine rankings and teaching you how create web content easily. Creating high quality content on a regular basis is one of the keys to improving your sites rankings. Continue reading

How to create a sitemap in Webmaster Tools

google-mapIt is important to let Google know all the pages of your site. This is done using an XML sitemap which lists all the URL’s within your site and then notifies Google. As new pages are created, the sitemap XML file is automatically updated so that Google easily find them. Continue reading

WordPress is a SEO’s best friend

wordpress seo logoWordPress has literally changed the way people create and manage websites. Without a decent CMS Blogging Platform like WordPress you will for sure be lost in the internet maze.

WordPress allows bloggers and webmasters to quickly optimize your content with little knowledge about the HTML or code on the page. So it’s a perfect platform for even a beginner.

It allows you to do everything from maintaining a single blog with a single user to an running an entire blogs community with multiple users. Continue reading

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