How to improve your search ranking in 2014

Web marketing with lasting results

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a great way to promote your business. If the proper steps are taken in will give you long-term advertising results that will outlast any other web marketing strategy.

My #1 prediction for 2014

I predict 2014 will be the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization. It will be a year of not only testing, but building good pages with good results. Online businesses will finally realize that conversion rate optimization (CRO) will be the number one factor to keep their business alive!

Create & optimize websites on a shoestring

The current economic slowdown, however grim it may seem, offers an excellent opportunity for both businesses and individuals to create a new website or revamp their existing one, even if your on a tight budget.

DIY website optimization

In 2014 the key to improving search engine ranking will be a do-it-yourself approach. Both small and mid-size will use WordPress and other content managers (CMS) to improve their Search Engine Ranking results and add fresh content!

Learn content management as you go!

Creating content easily is the key to success when it comes to SEO. Discover why I have chosen WordPress CMS as the foundation to building websites.

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Internal Linking Tool

Seo Tool Link

DigMyLink is a brand new Internal Linking Tool / Reporting Tool that I have designed in my spare time over the past year or so. I wrote it as a way to quickly over view any site to see ways to improve web site search engine rankings.

DigMyLink analyzes how you link to your internal pages. It is a Firefox Plugin and installs very easily. Simply download to your computer and drag it into the Firefox window.

Sorry An Update: The latest version of FF has broken the functionality – we are working on a new version stay tuned. In the meantime use this linking tool.

Download now from Rankbydesign
Download now at

DigMyLink reports the URL, Title, Description and Content of any link as you hover over it. Is supports any page you happen to be on. It does this by reading into the pages info without actually browsing to the actual page with little or no wait time.

Internal links are highlighted in green. Hover over your links and a info window will appear. External links are ignored by DigMyLink and are shown in orange.

Note: To temporarily turn off DigMyLink go to lower right corner and select Off/On. To turn it off/on from session to session use the Tools | Addons | Disable option in Firefox menu.

DigmyLink will provide a great way for SEO’s and Webmasters to verify that you internal links and anchor text actually match the resulting pages Title. Description and Content. This is one of the key factors to what makes a great anchor link. Read how to Analyze Keywords in anchor text