Web Marketing Tips

Web marketing is a way to increase traffic to your website, clearly introduce your company and products and most importantly increase your sales and conversion rates.

If you are just beginning your online marketing strategy look at the list below to help get you started on a easy to follow web marketing plan.

Create a entire site using WordPress

If you don’t already have a website consider creating one by creating a blog. WordPress is free and I highly recommend it. There are also a few add-ons that should be installed for SEO.

Research keywords

Put together a list of search terms that closely relate to the theme of your site. Keyword Discovery has a very affordable keyword engine that can not only give you ideas but can also tell you which keywords are more competitive and harder to rank than others.

Optimize your content

Put your web marketing and keyword research into action by building quality web pages using these keywords and theme. Always use good search optimization techniques such as optimized Page Titles, Descriptions, Internal Links and page content.

Look at the competition

Be sure to have a look at your competitors and see how they rank in comparison to your site. Also look for other sites who rank well for the search terms you want to rank for.

Build related internal links

Make your site easy to navigate. Provide your visitors with lots of internal links to related content. Your primary goal is to provide your readers with plenty of options to keep them interested so they don’t end up leaving your site too soon. Most importantly steer them to your product or service when appropriate.

Educate your audience

Lastly, build new pages when ever you get a free moment to do so. Describe your product or service you are selling and educate your readers. Your site should be an encyclopedia of knowledge where visitors can find, learn and ultimately make a purchase.