What makes a good Content Management System or CMS? Many things that come to mind – but a CMS that can easily optimize content and one that can be quickly customized to fit your site design, are two at the top of my list.

That’s why I have chosen WordPress as my CMS .. but not just for these reasons alone. Below are some other highlights of WordPress and why I recommend it for not only blogs but entire websites!

Install it blindfolded

Well almost, but I can say with out a doubt, WordPress is one of the most easiest CMS platforms to install. Allow just 15 minutes to install and activate your WordPress Theme. Then, within 20 minutes you will be creating and optimizing content.

Easy SEO with WordPress

WordPress improves your Search Engine rankings in many ways. It’s
got excellent Search Engine Optimization functionality and great SEO plug-ins to ensure total control over important page elements such as Titles, Descriptions, Keywords and even customize URL formatting.

User friendly interface

This has got to be one of the more important features for WordPress. If your working daily on your site, you want a back-end interface which allows you create content easily without getting lost.

Pre-Installed RSS Feeds

RSS feeds come standard with WordPress. Best of all RSS feeds help Google find and index your site. This only can lead to more traffic and higher search rankings!

Choose your “look and feel”

WordPress’ templates are everywhere you look on the web. You can quickly find the perfect design whether it be for professional or personal use.

If you find a template that needs some tweaking, WordPress is flexible enough so that virtually anything can be easily customized. Templates are also broken down into small easy to manage modules for SEO’s, designers, developers and administrators.

Publish using the latest web standards

A good CMS also needs to create web pages that adhere to the latest web standards. WordPress is a very “lightweight” CMS and always produces nice, crisp and clean web pages. Worpress adheres to CSS, HTML and XHTML web standards which allows Google and other search engines to spider your content error free!

Easily Customize the CMS

WordPress CMS allows you to mold a website just the way you want it. The availability of “plugin” modules are enormous! Wherever you look there’s a plugin that is already written to do what you want, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel or hire programmers.

Yes it’s free!

WordPress is open source CMS – it saves you time and money from the very get-go. You’ll quickly discover its the best free CMS you have ever used.

Even supports multiple users

WordPress CMS allows easy collaboration from any web browser, whether you or at work or at home you’ll have access to everything you need.

User friendly even for your visitors

WordPress CMS gives your visitors familiar and well structured navigation – it provides a good web design and a solid SEO Strategy all in one . Your visitors will feel right at home once they land on your site. With an built-in usability and fast page load times you’re visitors will hap pierr!

Boy I could go on and on…. but hopefully this will give you a few good reasons to try WordPress. Be sure to ask me about Free WordPress Installation.

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